How to setup an online test

Mighty Minds provides the ability to administer selected QCS and NAPLAN past papers through our online platform. Providing a quicker turnaround on student results and detailed digital feedback. By utilizing online testing your school can reduce the cost of testing for each student, reallocating resources to learning materials.


For the test each student will require the relevant booklet for the QCS/NAPLAN year you would like to test. This is required as we are unable to reproduce the actual test questions on screen. Instead of writing all the answers on a marksheet, you utilize the portal to enter in each answer as you go through the booklet.

Example Question on portal:
Please refer to task 1 on page 3 in booklet.

A) B) C) D) 

Once submitted, these answers are processed by our portal and can be arranged to either instantly provide results for your student or once the teacher closes the exam session. This process eliminates the need to post any materials to the Mighty Minds office for marking and allows you to access reporting at any time for all students who have completed the exam.

Set up

Each student requires a unique login to our Mighty Minds Portal, this creates a hub for each student to take any tests they are assign and to track all previous exams taken with detailed feedback.

To get each student access to the Mighty Minds Portal, we require a student listing formatted in an excel document. This document must contain the students full name, student ID, year level, role class and email address. We will provide each student with a unique password that will be sent back to the teachers for distribution.

Note: If your school has done online testing with mighty minds previously, you may have already provided a student list.

Once the students have been given access to the portal, you can assign them the appropriate tests using your Mighty Minds portal account. Once logged in navigate to ASSESS then Setup Online Exam and choose Standard Exam

The online tests can be configured with start date/time and end date/time. This can make it easier to set the test to be administered over a certain time eg, a week, for smaller groups to have access to computers to take the test.

After naming the test session for reference eg, ‘2014 QCS MCII Test Year 11 March 2017’, you can set how you would like the students to receive their results. You can choice between releasing the results and feedback immediately after the student has clicked submit on their test; or have the students wait until you are satisfied that all your students have completed the test and close the exam, once closed the results and feedback will be available for students to view from their student login.


All student’s results are collated into easily accessible reports that any teacher from your school can access to view how their students went on the test. These reports are easily downloaded and accessible from the teacher portal via ASSESS then Reporting. Simply choose the type of exam you would like to report on then select the report you would like to generate.  

If you do not have portal access, please email

QCS Tests Available:
  • 2013 MCI and MCII
  • 2014 MCI and MCII
  • 2015 MCI and MCII
NAPLAN Tests Available:
  • 2012 Yr 7 Language Conventions
  • 2013 Yr 7 Reading
  • 2013 Yr 9 Language Conventions
  • 2013 Yr 9 Reading
  • 2014 All Yr 7 and Yr 9 Tests
  • 2015 All Yr 7 and Yr 9 Tests
  • 2016 Yr 7 Language Conventions
  • 2016 Yr 9 Language Conventions