The Ultimate Testing Package

*The Writing Task is not marked by Mighty Minds markers. The portal provides teachers with marking schemes and sample scripts to assist with the marking process and ensure consistency across student results. Please note that offline tests are not included in this subscription and will be charged at the standard rate.

Self-Paced Learning





The ‘Practise’ section of the Mighty Minds Student Portal allows students in Years 6-9 to practise their English, Maths and Science skills through a fun and interactive game.


Fun for students

  • Complete questions to earn points, level up and collect trophies
  • Receive special bonuses for playing regularly
  • Compete against friends on the school leader board


Effective for teachers

  • Explanations provided within the game so that students understand why answers are correct or incorrect
  • No marking required by teachers
  • Ideal as a homework or in-class activity
  • Complete reports of students’ results provided instantly to teachers