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Mighty Minds is now offering a fully integrated learning system that includes Cognitive Verbs (posters, lessons, weekly activities, tracking system) plus consolidation of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Writing skills, as well as NAPLAN preparation.

CV Subscription

Subscription Options

  • 75 hour-long lessons
  • 300+ lesson activities
  • 150 exam-style questions
  • Individual, class, and cohort tracking system
  • Weekly tasks aligned to your school’s curriculum plan
  • Self-, peer-, teacher- and Mighty Minds marking options
  • Cognitive Verb activities aligned to each new senior ATAR subject curriculum.
  • We will design additional Senior Subject CV activities based upon your request (free)
  • Access to Mighty Minds Cognitive Verb real-world applications, suggested problem-solving steps and world-first proficiency scales that ensure efficiency of learning
  • Focus Element Assessment – unlimited access to 30 000 questions and detailed theory in Literacy, Numeracy and Science, aligned directly with the Australian Curriculum
  • Diagnostic testing – a valuable insight into students’ strengths and areas of concern, with detailed reporting, personalised feedback and revision questions to drive student improvement
  • NAPLAN equivalent testing – access to all of Mighty Minds Online NAPLAN equivalent tests for language conventions, reading, numeracy and writing, based on the most recent NAPLAN test
  • Automated weekly tasks – weekly tasks aligned directly to your school’s unique curriculum plan for English, Maths and Science. No program changes are required. We monitor your data for free.
  • Self-paced personalised learning – interactive platform allowing students to learn at their own pace. Students can earn points, unlock avatars and compete with their peers on the leaderboard.
  • Full access to Cognitive Verbs, Online NAPLAN preparation and Fundamental Skills including Writing, English, Maths and Science
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*Prices shown per student (+ GST) per year for a three year (minimum) contract, for entire Year 7-9 cohort.

With the purchase of our subscription service you will additionally receive: