Books and eBooks

Cover curriculum content and higher order thinking skills simultaneously with our range of books and eBooks. Don't just learn content  learn how to learn.


Focus on fundamental skills, higher order thinking, learning strategies and more! With thousands of lessons available through the Mighty Minds Portal, you're sure to find the resource you're looking for.


Bridge the gap between school and the workforce with a practical course that helps students to navigate the world of work and learn important life skills, while also gaining 1-2 QCE points.

Fundamental Skills Compendium

Improve literacy, numeracy and higher order thinking skills with cards that engage, explain and then reinforce understanding. It's the curriculum  and more — in a box!

Personalised Learning Programs

Transform testing data into clear, effective learning programs that target individual strengths and weaknesses to supercharge the improvement of each student.


Appeal to visual learners and brighten up your classroom with our range of professionally designed posters. These visual learning tools reinforce key concepts and study techniques in a colourful, creative format.