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Commencing in 2019, 75 Cognitive Verbs will replace the current 49 Common Curriculum Elements in the new QCE system. The Cognitive Verbs are the foundation of all assessment in the new system. Understanding the Cognitive Verbs will be vital to student success. Consequently, we have deconstructed each Cognitive Verb and produced an effective guide on how to teach each stage of the Cognitive Thinking levels in relation to that specific verb.

We can provide highly beneficial professional development for your teachers on how to embed Cognitive Verbs into their lesson plans. Furthermore, we have produced a poster for each Cognitive Verb that can be displayed throughout your school to inspire student understanding. Additionally, we have available in-depth lessons to teach students these crucial skills.


Subscription Options 

Mighty Minds is now offering a fully integrated learning system that includes Cognitive Verbs (posters, lessons, weekly activities, tracking system) plus consolidation of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Writing skills, as well as NAPLAN preparation.

CV Subscription

Subscription Options

  • 75 hour-long lessons
  • 300+ lesson activities
  • 150 exam-style questions
  • Individual, class, and cohort tracking system
  • Weekly tasks aligned to your school’s curriculum plan
  • Self-, peer-, teacher- and Mighty Minds marking options
  • Cognitive Verb activities aligned to each new senior ATAR subject curriculum.
  • We will design additional Senior Subject CV activities based upon your request (free)
  • Access to Mighty Minds Cognitive Verb real-world applications, suggested problem-solving steps and world-first proficiency scales that ensure efficiency of learning
  • Focus Element Assessment – unlimited access to 30 000 questions and detailed theory in Literacy, Numeracy and Science, aligned directly with the Australian Curriculum
  • Diagnostic testing – a valuable insight into students’ strengths and areas of concern, with detailed reporting, personalised feedback and revision questions to drive student improvement
  • NAPLAN equivalent testing – access to all of Mighty Minds Online NAPLAN equivalent tests for language conventions, reading, numeracy and writing, based on the most recent NAPLAN test
  • Automated weekly tasks – weekly tasks aligned directly to your school’s unique curriculum plan for English, Maths and Science. No program changes are required. We monitor your data for free.
  • Self-paced personalised learning – interactive platform allowing students to learn at their own pace. Students can earn points, unlock avatars and compete with their peers on the leaderboard.
  • Full access to Cognitive Verbs, Online NAPLAN preparation and Fundamental Skills including Writing, English, Maths and Science
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*Prices shown per student (+ GST) per year for a three year (minimum) contract, for entire Year 7-9 cohort.

With the purchase of our subscription service you will additionally receive:

Cognitive Verb Solutions 


PTS: Cognitive Verbs Workbook

328 pages with over 200 activities, including information on the best techniques to teach each of the 75 Cognitive Verbs.

Success Companion

Success Companion

The Success Companion addresses the 75 Cognitive Verbs, effective learning methods, problem-solving techniques and fundamental literacy, numeracy and science skills.

CV Lessons


To assist students with the transition to the assessment style of the new system, we have developed tailored lessons that focus on each Cognitive Verb. Designed to take approximately 60 minutes to complete, each lesson introduces students to one Cognitive Verb and provides them with the opportunity to practise it through a range of questions in different subject areas.

Included for every question in the lesson is:

  • A marking scheme
  • An example response for each level of proficiency
  • A model response for the highest level of proficiency

These features have been included to assist students in assessing their work and the work of their peers. Thanks to the unique teaching method designed by Mighty Minds, the proficiency levels in the marking schemes allow students to identify exactly what they need to do to reach the next highest level of proficiency for each verb.

CV Poster


Our Cognitive Verb posters clearly and concisely explain how students should approach assessment tasks that are based on a Cognitive Verb. Every poster includes a student-friendly definition of the verb, real-world applications that demonstrate how the verb applies to everyday life, a step-by-step process of how to answer questions that use the verb and a proficiency scale to measure student understanding. Students can use the posters to easily identify what is required in their responses to reach higher cognitive understanding and improve the quality of their work. These posters are an excellent classroom resource for students and teachers to refer to when they encounter a question or task involving a Cognitive Verb.

Cognitive Verb posters can be purchased individually at $120 each or as a package deal at $2250 for all 75 posters. Purchase price includes a license to print an unlimited number of copies for use within your school and free access to any future updated versions of the poster(s).


Online Lessons

Teachers can create online lessons with subject specific questions based on each Cognitive Verb – increasing student understanding of each verb within a relevant context. To enhance critical thinking, student's can self-assess and peer-assess online lessons using our specially designed level system.



During the transition to the new system, it may be difficult for schools to track which verbs students have been exposed to or what level of proficiency they have reached. To solve this problem, Mighty Minds has developed a unique tracking system that allows schools to measure current student proficiency for each of the 75 verbs and continue to track this over time.

Each time a student completes a Cognitive Verb activity or assessment in class, teachers can record the student’s level of achievement via the Mighty Minds Portal. If the activity is completed online, our system will automatically record this information. Not only does this ensure that all verbs have been covered to an adequate standard, but it also makes it easy to determine which verbs require more attention from each student to make targeted, individualised learning possible.

Free with our CV resources is access to our junior secondary work plan, which outlines our recommended approach to covering the 75 Cognitive Verbs during Years 7-9. This ensures that students are prepared to begin their senior years.

If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on or phone us on (07) 5689 1086.