In the new external exam system, being able to recall knowledge and perform under pressure is vital to success. This means that students need to be confident in their content knowledge and their ability to solve complex problems.
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About Online Tutoring 

Mighty Minds is offering online tutoring for Year 11 students, commencing in 2019. Our innovative weekly online sessions are designed to reinforce content and provide a platform for students to learn in an engaging, interactive environment. They will be able to ask questions, apply what they’ve learnt in class, and attempt challenging practice problems.

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About Our Courses 

Course Offerings: Tutoring will be offered for the following subjects:
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • General Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
Course Structure:
Week 1 Class sign on
Weeks 2–8 Regular Sessions
Week 9 Revision Session
Week 10 Practice Exam*
  *This will become available earlier in the term and can be taken at any time.

Benefits of Enrolling in Mighty Minds Online Tutoring  

With small group sizes and plenty of opportunity for discussion between other peers and the tutor, this program offers the perfect balance between personalised and collaborative learning. Consistent session times mean that students don’t need to worry about last minute tutor cancellations, and our strict alignment to the senior syllabus ensures that the sessions are relevant and useful.


Students will revise theory and challenge themselves with extension problems that will enable them to feel confident in their ability to perform under pressure.


Students will have the flexibility to sign up for tutorials at a time that suits them, and log in from home each week to participate.


The first hour of the session will be dedicated to revising content and working through problems, while the second hour will allow students to ask the tutor questions and request assistance with problems they may have encountered elsewhere.


Students’ learning will be enhanced by our engaging tutors, who will provide expert assistance in their subject area.


Students will be surrounded by a network of like-minded peers who can help support them through senior school.


Practice exams will be available towards the end of each term, and these will allow students to refine exam technique and prepare for assessment.


As part of a tutoring group made up of students from various schools, students will be exposed to a greater variety of problems; students will submit questions they are working on in class for the tutorial group to discuss and solve.



From $15 per hour
Individual Bookings $40 per week (for a 2-hour session) + Practice Exam
School Bookings $30 per student per week (when 15 or more students are enrolled) + Practice Exam
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Why Choose Mighty Minds? 

  • We have a wealth of experience in tutoring, and in education more generally; we have facilitated tutoring for 17 years.
  • We are an established education company that has played an active role in teaching and learning in Queensland since 1985.
  • We have taught over a million students.
  • Unlike our competitors, our content fully integrates Cognitive Verbs, including steps and marking schemes. Cognitive Verbs are an integral component of the new senior syllabus and a clear understanding of these terms will be vital for success in the external exam system.
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