Take your teaching to the next level


  • Teaching Literacy Skills (including NAPLAN Writing Task and Catholic Education Writing Task)
  • Literacy Strategies
  • Numeracy Strategies
  • Literacy Across the Curriculum
  • Numeracy Across the Curriculum


  • QCS Preparation
  • Reviewing Assessment Design
  • Teaching CCEs
  • Understanding Your Data
  • Understanding SRIs/R6s
  • Embedding the CCEs


  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Links to Life
  • Steps to the Future
  • Teaching High Order Problem Solving
  • Reviewing High Order Problem Solving Skills

As experienced teachers, our facilitators understand the challenges that teachers face and have developed solutions to overcome them. Our workshops cover a range of different topics and subjects, and can also be designed specifically for your teachers. Our goal with these workshops is to clarify any questions teachers may have, particularly about QCS, NAPLAN and data, which can be complicated to understand and build on teachers' current strategies to make them even more effective.

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Take your teaching to the next level

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