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Edition 5

18 May 2020

Giveaway Time!

A healthy and active brain can help with clear-headedness, memory and thought endurance. To encourage brain training, Mighty Minds is hosting a brain teaser competition for all the wonderful teachers! One lucky winner will receive a copy of our Senior Brain Teaser eBook (Edition One), valued at $300.

To win, simply go to our Facebook group and solve one of our weekly brain teasers! Each correct answer equals one entry and the winner will be drawn on the 25.05.2020.

Best of luck to all the budding brain-builders!


It is back to school time and if you are anything like me you are over the moon to get back into the swing of it. We have all missed our students during this time and now it is about getting them all back and settled so we can get to the business of teaching and learning.

In this edition of Classroom Connections, we take a look at ways to take your English classroom outdoor to enjoy the fresh air, deep dive into problem solving, look at how to improve study skills and include some great free resources to support your student’s learning.


We are back to the classroom… but don’t have to be back in the classroom. Trying to think of ideas to get back into the great outdoors! Check out our newest blog post on different ways to teach in the fresh air!


Featured blogs

When students are faced with problem solving the biggest issue can be how they get started in responding to the problem. Check out our guide to becoming a problem solving whiz! 


A Guide to Improving Your Study Skills

With students returning to school here are some practical tips to help them organise their study space and prepare for assessment and exams.



The Mighty Minds team has designed a series of mathematics worksheets to enhance your students’ understanding of their Senior content.


Cognitive Skills

The 75 Cognitive Skills are the foundation of all learning. Understanding the Cognitive Skills is vital to student success. Consequently, we have deconstructed each Cognitive Skill and produced an effective guide on how to teach each stage of the Cognitive Thinking levels in relation to that specific skill.

With questions over a wide range of subjects ranging from year 7–12 students of all levels can begin building the foundation of their learning.


Exciting Upcoming Resources

Critical and Creative Thinking Program – online and fabulous!

The introduction of Cognitive Skills has led Mighty Minds to re-examine thinking processes and skills that young people need – that was the basis for the creation of our new online Critical and Creative Thinking Program.

Creativity is about originality and innovation. Everyone has the ability to be creative but do they have the necessary skills? In order to reach their full potential, students should engage in higher levels of thinking. Over the course of the program students will have the opportunity to develop and practice their critical thinking skills in order to be engaged and effective learners.


Free Resources

Using apostrophes is important when indicting possession, there are a few different rules that make using apostrophes confusing!


Punctuation Poster!

This poster is for all the English Classrooms! Check out our punctuation poster – printed onto A3 – the perfect visual aid for any classroom.  


Social Superstars

Mighty Minds is happy to announce that we have created a Facebook group just for teachers!

This group is a safe space for teachers to connect and communicate about important issues impacting schools, share resources and ask for advice. The group is open, so any teacher can create posts and ask questions of their fellow teachers. 

We will also be providing free resources each week to assist you in and out of the classroom! 

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