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Edition 8

9 Jun 2020

The competition is on! To be in with a chance to win, check out our Facebook page and find the post with details on how to enter. One lucky winner will get their school a Cognitive Skills lesson and best of all – the winner chooses the skill!


In this edition of Classroom Connections, we take a look at using technology in the classroom, the benefits and how we can collaborate to provide your students amazing online educational program.


Continued professional development can be hard to fit into your day. Being able to keep up with the new lingo, the new technology and the new ways of effective teaching can be a full time job on its own. 


Mighty Minds Subscriptions are the perfect low-cost way to integrate technology into everyday teaching. Download the flyer to learn more.


Our online writing program is the perfect way to teach students the basics of writing. Students are able to use our interactive platform to learn about punctuation, grammar, text types and many more topics.

Here is a PDF worksheet on Tone that you can use in your classroom. This is just one of the 60 topics available on our online Writing Program.  


Free Resources


Cognitive Skills

The 75 Cognitive Skills are the foundation of all assessment. Understanding the Cognitive Skills will be vital to student success. At Mighty Minds we have deconstructed each Cognitive Skill and produced an effective guide on how to teach each stage of the Cognitive Thinking levels in relation to that specific skill.

This week we are providing our wonderful teachers with three Cognitive Skill Posters – Analyse, Describe and Comprehend.


Word of the Day

This word of the day worksheet allows students or the whole class to investigate a word.


Social Superstars

Mighty Minds is happy to announce that we have created a Facebook group just for teachers!

This group is a safe space for teachers to connect and communicate about important issues impacting schools, share resources and ask for advice. The group is open, so any teacher can create posts and ask questions of their fellow teachers. 

We will also be providing free resources each week to assist you in and out of the classroom! 


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