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Edition 9

16 Jun 2020

The competition is on! To be in with a chance to win, check out our Facebook page and find the post with details on how to enter. One lucky winner will get their school a Cognitive Skills lesson and best of all – the winner chooses the skill!


When we are preparing our young people for the future it is important that they spend time reflecting on their current skills and attributes, consider their strengths and weaknesses in order to formulate plans and identify viable career pathways and research options for employment and training whilst at school and after school.

In this edition of Classroom Connections, we take a look at the skills required to critically and creatively plan for your future, the 21st century skills that all young people need and explore interpersonal skills that are essential for the workplace.


21st Century Skills for All

In our changing world the requirements for the workplace and the community keep shifting. We take a close look at 4 of the most important skills required in the 21st century: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Lifelong Learning and Responsible Global Participants. 


Featured Blogs


Cognitive Skills in the Classroom

The Cognitive Skills (CSs) are the fundamental skills that you learn while at school; you’ve been learning them for years without even realising it! Each of the 75 CSs covers a different aspect of the assessable skills you will encounter during your senior studies.


Why it is crucial for educators to be lifelong learners

The future of work is an everchanging landscape – what it looked like 10 years ago is nothing to what it looks like today. Much like with machine learning and other technological innovations, the field of education is changing so fast that techniques, skills and technologies become outdated in less than a decade. That is why being a lifelong learner plays a crucial role in the education process.


Free Resources


You should never stop learning poster!

A great reminder for both teachers and students.


Lifelong learners handout

Want to teach about the importance of lifelong learning in the classroom? Use our famous lifelong learners handout


Social Superstars

Mighty Minds is happy to announce that we have created a Facebook group just for teachers!

This group is a safe space for teachers to connect and communicate about important issues impacting schools, share resources and ask for advice. The group is open, so any teacher can create posts and ask questions of their fellow teachers. 

We will also be providing free resources each week to assist you in and out of the classroom


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