Cognitive Verbs Companion

Development of senior students' Cognitive Verb knowledge and understanding.

The Cognitive Verbs Companion eBook has been designed to supplement our Pathways to Success: Cognitive Verbs workbook. It is the ultimate aid for any teacher looking to introduce their students to the Cognitive Verbs. It supplies teachers with a range of resources, including extra fundamental learning activities and model answers for the student workbook. Areas where students need extra attention can be easily supplemented with content from the eBook. This resource is FREE with a class set purchase of our Pathways to Success: Cognitive Verbs workbook. If you've already placed an order for a class set of Pathways to Success: Cognitive Verbs workbooks, the Cognitive Verbs Companion eBook will be billed at $0. 

Content includes:

  • Engaged learning activities
  • Fundamental literacy, numeracy and visual literacy development
  • Full model answers