Lesson Packages VS Activity Packages

Our resource packages provide a comprehensive, curriculum-aligned approach to a range of topics, from critical and creative thinking to foundation literacy and numeracy skills.

Our lesson packages contain lessons made up of three 20-minute activities, plus corresponding student and teacher answers. This makes them ideal to use in classroom lessons to give students a holistic, in-depth understanding of a topic.

Our activity packages provide a more flexible approach and are made up of shorter, single activities. These can be set as homework and extension tasks or as a method of introducing or consolidating specific topics.

Lesson Packages

Img EngagedToTheEnd
Engaged To The End
Stay engaged and productive during the last few week of term with curriculum-aligned lessons specifically designed for each year level.
Img WorkingWith
Working With
Expand students' knowledge beyond the Fundamental Skills, focusing on topics such as identifying the answer in texts and specialised graphing.
Packages01 WritingUnits Thumb
Writing units
Target persuasive or narrative writing skills.
Img FundamentalSkills
Fundamental Skills
Reinforce knowledge of the Fundamental Skills from beginner to advanced levels with complete packages that cover all elements of either literacy, numeracy or reading.
Img Perspectives
Develop a deeper understanding of issues relevant to students and how to work through them, including topics such as alcohol, drugs and body image.
Img FinalPreparation
Final Preparation
Consolidate students' knowledge prior to the NAPLAN test through practice of the Fundamental Skills and test strategies.
Img HighAchiever
High Achievers
Extend junior secondary students with more challenging lessons to push them to fulfill their potential.
Img CriticalCreativeThinking
Critical and Creative Thinking
Encourage originality and innovation with unusual activities that will stretch students' ability to think outside the box and push them to look at problems from new perspectives.

Activity Packages

Img EssentialSkills
Essential Skills
Solidify students' essential numeracy and literacy skills with a collection of activities group by the topics of grammar, punctuation or numeracy
Img Extension
Challenge students' abilities with extensions activities that will keep them focused and engaged with curriculum-aligned content.
Img SeniorCCE
Senior CCE Development
Prepare students during their senior years by strengthening their understanding of CCEs.