Print Workbooks

Workbooks that fully engage students while covering the Australian Curriculum.
ECL 8 and 9
Elements of creative learning
Academic skill building for Year 7-8 students.
Steps to the Future
Steps to the future
Employability and life skill development for Year 10 students.
Pathways to Success
Pathways to Success
QCS test preparation for Year 10-12 students.
Pathways to Success: Cognitive Verbs
Designed to assist all senior students in developing their understanding of each of the 75 cognitive verbs.


Think outside the page: eBooks designed for a new generation of learners.
Img SmartSolutions Book2
Smart Solutions For Problem Solving
Problem-solving technique development for secondary students.
Img JuniorGenre Book2
Junior Genre
Development of Year 7-9 students' familiarity with writing genres.
Img Persuasive Writing2
Persuasive Writing
Development of Year 7-12 students' persuasive writing skills in a variety of genres.
Img SeniorGenre Book 2
Senior Genre
Development of Year 10-12 students' use of writing genres.
Img FundamentalsSL Book2
Fundamentals of senior learning
Supplementary activities for Year 10-12 students that focus on specific academic skills.
Img BrainTeasers1 Book
Senior brain teaser ebook one
Development of critical and creative thinking skills for Years 10-12 students.
Img BrainTeasers2 Book
Senior brain teaser ebook two
Further development of critical and creative thinking skills for Year 10-12 students.
Img CCE Book
Common Curriculum Elements
Targeted focus on CCEs to assist students during Years 10-12.
Img PTS CV eBook
Cognitive Verbs Companion
Development of senior students' Cognitive Verb knowledge and understanding.