What is Mighty Minds?

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Mighty Minds is an educational consultancy that combines experience and innovation to provide personalised, effective learning solutions that support students, teachers and schools. We specialise in Cognitive Skill development, NAPLAN preparation, as well as in the junior secondary Maths, English and Science Australian Curriculum. We design resources, programs and workshops to suit the specific needs of our clients and work in partnership with schools to achieve the best possible outcomes for students.

Why We Do It

We believe that all students deserve an individualised education that supports and extends their learning as they need it. However, we also recognise that teachers face limitations in the classroom that make this difficult to deliver. We know that individualised learning is valuable for students, so we aim to make it practical for teachers.

We have a unique advantage when it comes to solving clients’ problems thanks to decades of combined teaching experience and our focus on creativity. We pride ourselves on the measureable results that we deliver, while working with the budgets and time constraints of schools.

Everything we do is focused on our clients – we won’t give you a one-size-fits-all answer that larger companies offer. Instead, we properly get to know our clients and craft the resources that they need. We build long-term relationships that make ongoing improvement possible, rather than just providing quick fix solutions that make little difference in the long term. If we don’t have something that your school needs, our resources team will create it.

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How we do it

We take a whole-school approach, collaborating with teachers, parents and administration staff to ensure that everyone is on the same path to achieve your goals. Our processes and results are transparent as we are dedicated to building a strong, cooperative and productive relationship with your school.

We love feedback! We are keen to hear the educational concerns of your school and we will make it our priority to provide solutions and further foster a culture of inspired learning and academic excellence.

The four aspects of reading, writing, language conventions and numeracy underpin all of our resource development; with repeated exposure, students can master these essential skills.
If students are equipped with effective learning skills, they will be able to utilise this expertise throughout their lives. Learning how to learn is a precursor to successful outcomes and understanding the importance of study and learning is a common trait among high-achieving students.
Our lessons are designed to encourage and enable students of all abilities to practise fundamental literacy and numeracy skills based on topics in the Australian Curriculum.
Engaging in practise testing and reporting assists schools to pinpoint their students' weaknesses and strengths. We offer a range of practise external exams including NAPLAN, as well as diagnostic science, literacy and numeracy tests. Marking and detailed analysis are an important part of the personalised services that we offer.
Higher order thinking skills are just as vital to student success as literacy and numeracy skills. We aim to establish a rewarding learning approach in which students respond with more than a yes or no answer. Students will be taught how to analyse, evaluate and justify their answers to fulfil the criteria of more complex questions.
We implement personalised learning programs to target the needs of each student. Using the results of students' practise tests or school data, we create individual timetables, placing students in the lessons they require most in order to identify their weaknesses, build on their strengths and ensure they are thriving to their highest academic potential.
We don't just work with teachers and students - we believe that the whole community can encourage students and contribute to their success during their school years. We offer learning solutions that include parent workshops and staff professional development to ensure that all stakeholders are supporting students in the most effective and positive ways possible.

Who we are

Our leadership team works hard to build long-term relationships with our clients and to coordinate all of our teams to make our big ideas come to life! They are able to solve any problem that our clients face and make sure that our learning solutions are always of the highest standard.
Our resources, graphic design and IT teams create the exceptional learning solutions that Mighty Minds is known for. Our resources cover everything from Australian Curriculum content to effective learning and life skills, to support teachers and allow them to provide learning experiences that target students of all abilities.
Our facilitators are charismatic teachers that love working face-to-face with students and seeing the ‘aha!’ moments when students grasp a new concept. The engaging nature of workshops makes them an ideal option for any school, with a wide range of topics offered by our specialist facilitators.
Our markers are experienced teachers with the latest training in their areas of marking. They have an eye for detail that makes them the best in the business and their feedback allows students to improve their results with every test.