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The Student Portal places testing, tracking, theory and practise questions right at your fingertips, giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

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Student Portal

The Student Portal

Four main sections make up the Student Portal: Learn, Practise, Assess and Track.


In the Learn section of the Mighty Minds Portal, you can clearly view your progress in each of the focus areas for English, Maths and Science. This information is clearly represented on bars which show the completion and success rate of questions you have completed under various topics. This page can therefore be used to inform the areas that you choose to focus on, with access to detailed theory making it easy to brush up on the skills that you may be struggling with.

Learn Section


The practise sections puts you in charge of your learning. You choose the topics you want to practise and you even unlock rewards as you progress.

All questions are backed with theory, feedback and model answers so you always have the tools to improve.

Practise Section

Collect avatars

Complete challenges and level up to unlock new avatars.


Climb the leaderboard

Compete amongst friends and peers to get to the top of the leaderboard.


Achieve badges

Achieve gold, silver or bronze badges based on your accuracy.

Level up

Level up

Earn points by correctly answering questions to advance to higher levels.


Complete the weekly tasks (Cognitive and Fundamental Skills) that have been automatically assigned to you.

  • Focus element exams
  • Cognitive Skills tests and activities
  • Marking tasks
Assess Section


When you complete tests and activities on the student portal you receive detailed results and feedback to help you identify areas where you can improve.

  • Detailed results
  • Feedback
  • Revision activities
Track Section

Cognitive Skill Development

A strong understanding and application of Cognitive Skills is critical in your senior years and will impact your life beyond school. To help enhance your cognitive skill development Mighty Minds have designed activities that can help you to deconstruct each cognitive skill.

Activity Features

Advanced and intermediate

Activities vary in difficulty, providing a well-suited and challenging learning experience.

Aligned to Senior subjects

Learn Cognitive Skills within the context of relevant Senior subjects.


Develop your ability to self-mark by assessing yourself against model responses and proficiency scales.

Real-world applications

See how each Cognitive Skill fits into a real-world context.

Proficiency scale

Multi-level proficiency scale to measure your understanding of each cognitive skill.


Suggested problem-solving steps to provide guidance when approaching cognitive skills.

Student portal subscriptions

Join thousands of students across Australia using the Mighty Minds Student Portal

Mighty Minds Subscriptions are the perfect low-cost way to integrate fundamental skills and cognitive thinking into everyday teaching. Our ability to track student performance and target areas of concern facilitates personalised learning and student improvement.

Student subscriptions

  • Focus Element Assessment – unlimited access to 35 000 questions and detailed theory in English, Maths and Science, aligned directly with the Australian Curriculum
  • Automated weekly tasks – weekly tasks aligned to the national curriculum for English, Maths and Science and Cognitive Skill activities to improve depth and scope of response.
  • Self-paced personalised learning – interactive platform allowing students to learn at their own pace. Students can earn points, unlock avatars and compete with their peers on the leaderboard.
  • Access to Mighty Minds Cognitive Skills suggested problem-solving steps and world-first proficiency scales that ensure efficiency of learning