Assessing Focus Elements

The National Curriculum is designed to ensure that all students, by the end of the year, are capable of working to a national standard.

We've made that progression simple to track.

By deconstructing the National Curriculum into its smallest components, we've made it easy for teachers to pinpoint exactly where students are lacking in knowledge and provide targeted resources to help fill the gaps.

Do away with 'average'

Keep individual learning needs in constant focus with progress tracking through our Portal.

How It Works

1. Pick Topics
Identify the national curriculum codes or focus elements that should be covered by a unit of work.
2. View, Select and Arrange Questions
Use our questions to design a test that suits your data needs.
3. Set the task parameters
Customise the date and time, duration and feedback availability for each test
4. Students take the task and receive feedback and revision questions
Students can take the task anytime, anywhere, and are provided with worked explanations, theory and a personalised revision sheet to take control of their learning.
5. Teachers track student progress with comprehensive reports
Our online reporting system tracks student progress against the focus elements
6. Create targeted learning programs for each student
Teachers can use the results to provide students with targeted learning interventions.
7. Continue the practice of creating a growth mindset
At the end of each unit, students can complete follow up tests to measure their individual improvement and teaching effectiveness.
Maths, English, Science
Pre and Post unit testing
Online Testing
Revision System
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Each student's prior knowledge and understanding can be captured before commencing the unit of work.

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Each teacher can select the specific focus elements they wish to cover, and the testing can be tailored to the levels and abilities of each class.

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Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning by working through their incorrect responses, reviewing the theory, and completing revision questions

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Student can take the test at home or in class, and teachers can track student progress instantly.

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The system requires no photocopying and does not require class time to be used for testing. Results are available in real time, negating the need for a marking turnaround period.

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By identifying strengths and weaknesses at the focus element level, the learning needs of students can be specifically addressed.

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