Print Workbooks

Workbooks that fully engage students while covering the Australian Curriculum.
ECL 8 and 9
Elements of creative learning
Academic skill building for Year 7-8 students.
Steps to the Future
Steps to the future
Employability and life skill development for Year 10 students.
Pathways to Success
Pathways to Success
QCS test preparation for Year 10-12 students.
Pathways to Success: Cognitive Verbs
Designed to assist all senior students in developing their understanding of each of the 75 cognitive verbs.
Success Companion2
Success Companion
Combination of tips, suggestions and activities covering essential learning topics.


Think outside the page: eBooks designed for a new generation of learners.
Img SmartSolutions Book2
Smart Solutions For Problem Solving
Problem-solving technique development for secondary students.
Img JuniorGenre Book2
Junior Genre
Development of Year 7-9 students' familiarity with writing genres.
Img Persuasive Writing2
Persuasive Writing
Development of Year 7-12 students' persuasive writing skills in a variety of genres.
Img SeniorGenre Book 2
Senior Genre
Development of Year 10-12 students' use of writing genres.
Img FundamentalsSL Book2
Fundamentals of senior learning
Supplementary activities for Year 10-12 students that focus on specific academic skills.
Img BrainTeasers1 Book
Senior brain teaser ebook one
Development of critical and creative thinking skills for Years 10-12 students.
Img BrainTeasers2 Book
Senior brain teaser ebook two
Further development of critical and creative thinking skills for Year 10-12 students.
Img CCE Book
Common Curriculum Elements
Targeted focus on CCEs to assist students during Years 10-12.
Img PTS CV eBook
Cognitive Verbs Companion
Development of senior students' Cognitive Verb knowledge and understanding.