Pathways to Success: Cognitive Skills (Advanced)

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A workbook designed to assist all students in developing their learning confidence, critical thinking, creative thinking and understanding of the 75 cognitive thinking skills. By consolidating a student’s fundamental literacy and numeracy skills, advancing their effective learning abilities, and improving higher order thinking skills they will be on the pathway to success.

Teachers are able to project questions from the book on-screen while students follow along in class using their workbooks. In addition to the workbook activities, teachers will gain access to hundreds of Cognitive Skills activities online, these online activities can be assigned to students as well as presented in class.

Section 01

Section one asks students to reflect on their present position in life and to consider which possible pathway might lead to a successful career. These activities have been designed to stimulate the brain, while still making learning an enjoyable experience. The overall aim of this section is to encourage each student to consider employing active and productive learning methods rather than passive and ineffective techniques.

Section 02

Section two focuses on fundamental learning and higher order thinking abilities. It is obvious that to be successful in any senior curriculum, a student must have a solid foundation in the basic skills that underpin literacy, visual literacy and numeracy. Further, to achieve more than a sound level of achievement, a student must demonstrate higher order thinking skills. To facilitate this process, we have included a section that demonstrates (with worked examples) various methods for problem-solving and how they can be applied in a variety of situations.

Section 03

Section three has a specific focus on the Cognitive Skills (CSs). All 75 CSs are provided with definitions and marking criteria to clearly explain the skill and what is required at each level of achievement. These CSs are accompanied by questions from a variety of subjects to allow students to apply their knowledge across a wide range of curriculum areas.

To be eligible for online teacher access to the student workbook plus model answers, a minimum subscription of 20 students is required. If your cohort does not reach the recommended class set, please email


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Pathways to Success: Cognitive Skills (Advanced)

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Price:38.95 ex GST

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