Mighty Minds courses consist of resources and assessment activities that are designed to be completed over 50-55 hours. We offer two courses: Steps to the Future and Links to Life. Links to Life focuses on employability skills while Steps to the Future focuses on life skills and future planning. Teachers can choose to use selected parts of either course or teach them in their entirety.

 These courses have been specially designed to be relevant and interesting to senior students as they enter their final years of high school and look towards their post-school pathways. 

Links to Life vs. Steps to the Future


Steps to the Future

Links to Life

Content Delivery Format


Printed or digital lessons (pdf)

Year Level

Year 10 or Year 11

Year 11-12

Assessment Format

Three assessment pieces, a SET plan, an Action Plan and evidence of competency

Eight online exams and two assignments

Content Framework

Core Skills for Work

Core Skills for Work

Course Management

Managed by internal school staff

Managed by Mighty Minds staff

QCE Points

1 QCE Point

2 QCE Points

Assessment Marking

Marked internally by the school’s teachers

Marked externally by Mighty Minds

Assessment Set-Up

Outlined in the teacher eBook with criteria included for easy marking and delivered in-class by teachers

Created by Mighty Minds and accessed by students and teachers through the Mighty Minds Portal