Mighty Minds offer two programs which students can complete to earn QCE points: Steps to the Future and Links to Life. Students can complete either one or both of these programs at any point during Years 10, 11 and 12.

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Steps to the Future is based upon the QCAA Career Education Short Course Syllabus (2018), and it is designed specifically to support students in their journey towards work or further education and training after school. This course steps students through the process of finding work, setting goals for the future and identifying their strengths and weaknesses in order to build the ideal career pathway.

Links to Life only available until November 2021

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Links to Life equips students with a range of skills that will assist them in their transition to life after school. The course covers a wide variety of life skills and addresses topics such as moving out, managing conflicts, workplace etiquette, navigating social media and considering global impacts on local jobs.

Steps to the Future vs. Links to Life


Steps to the Future

Links to Life

QCE Points

1 point

1 point per unit
(2 points if both units are undertaken)


Steps to the Future is aligned to the QCAA Career Education Short Course, a syllabus which has been created by QCAA. The Steps to the Future workbook is simply one avenue which schools can use to step students through the requirements of the syllabus.

QCAA recognised study

Course Content

Focused on developing students’ general employability skills and career planning in order to promote successful outcomes in any workplace environment An ideal resource to assist with (SET) Planning in Year 10

Targeted at bridging the gap between school and the world beyond, in order to equip students with general life skills that will enable them to successfully navigate the transition to life after school

Content Delivery

Hard copy student workbook

Downloadable PDF lessons – these can be printed or digitally completed

Content Framework

The book is based around the QCAA short course syllabus and it has a shared focus on employability skills and the Core Skills for Work.

Sections of the program relating to the work place have been designed with reference to the Core Skills for Work framework.

Course Management

Managed by internal school staff

Managed by Mighty Minds Staff

Assessment Type

Two reflective journals
A workplace interview
Extended Career Investigation

Four online exams and one online assignment (per unit) which are dispersed evenly throughout the course
Students’ workbooks are marked internally by the school and weighted equally with the other Couse assessment.

Marking and Reporting

Marked internally by school’s teachers

Marked externally by Mighty Minds Internal school staff are required to mark the student workbooks and submit this result to Mighty Minds.

Assessment Set-up

Assessment templates are provided in the student workbook and suggested marking criteria are included in the accompanying digital teacher resource.

Created by Mighty Minds and accessed by students and teachers through the Mighty Minds portal