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31 Jul 2020

Edition 11

ClassroomConnections 13

Building communication skills in our students is integral to their success after school. The ability to understand the different types of communication and the effect these have on our personal...

ClassroomConnections 14

7 Jul 2020

Edition 10

Since the beginning of our Classroom Connections mail out we have had amazing feedback from teachers with what they want and how we can help. In this edition of Classroom Connections we are providing 20 freebies for your classroom. Just click on the links and they will be made available automatically to you!

ClassroomConnections 09

16 Jun 2020

Edition 9

When we are preparing our young people for the future it is important that they spend time reflecting on their current skills and attributes, consider their strengths and weaknesses in order to formulate plans and identify viable career pathways and research options for employment and training whilst at school and after school.

ClassroomConnections 08

9 Jun 2020

Edition 8

In this edition of Classroom Connections, we take a look at using technology in the classroom, the benefits and how we can collaborate to provide your students amazing online educational program.

ClassroomConnections 07

1 Jun 2020

Edition 7

Our online Skills for Work program focusses on pathways to employment, further training and other vocational pathways as well as literacy and numeracy for the workplace. Students will be upskilled in employability and given the opportunity to develop their own learning plan to suit their future career. 

ClassroomConnections 06

25 May 2020

Edition 6

As an educator our job is to embrace diversity in the classroom, individualise learning, implement technology upgrades and innovation and ensure that our students are happy and healthy learners. To do this, we spend hundreds of hours a year learning new skills and knowledge.

ClassroomConnections 05

18 May 2020

Edition 5

It is back to school time and if you are anything like me you are over the moon to get back into the swing of it. We have all missed our students during this time and now it is about getting them all back and settled so we can get to the business of teaching and learning.

ClassroomConnections 04

12 May 2020

Edition 4

A healthy and active brain can help with clear-headedness, memory and thought endurance. To encourage brain training, Mighty Minds is hosting a brain teaser competition for all the wonderful teachers!...

ClassroomConnections 03

6 May 2020

Edition 3

Finding practical solutions in and out of the classroom to get students working is so important – especially in this current online world we live in.

ClassroomConnections 02

29 Apr 2020

Edition 2

With students working from home we face many challenges. The biggest challenge – motivation. How do we keep our young people engaged? How do we keep them on task and...

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