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Edition 3

6 May 2020

Our new Facebook Teacher Support group is live!

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Finding practical solutions in and out of the classroom to get students working is so important – especially in this current online world we live in. The skill of learning is at the core of what we do – knowing how to prepare our minds, bodies and environment for learning are the first steps to success.

In this edition of Classroom Connections, we will look at ways to motivate your students, improve their study skills and check out our upcoming Creative and Critical thinking program that is on its way for release in just under a month!


3 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Students

As teachers we provide the knowledge and skills for students to complete their work. Our creative delivery methods of these are what makes us teachers.

We are here to encourage. We are here to inspire.

Establishing structure is important to keep parents and students in control during this chaotic time and creates a means of consistency. By creating timetables, clear expectations and boundaries for our students we can support them in being self-motivated and resilient human beings.


Featured blogs

A Guide to Improving Your Study Skills 

Practical tips for organising your study space and preparing for assessment and exams. 


Warming up your brain for work! 

You wouldn’t go for a run without first stretching and warming up, and you shouldn’t start writing before warming up your brain. The brain should be treated like the muscles in your body; preparing it for writing, and thinking more generally, will optimise your performance once you begin. A good brain warm up stimulates brain activity and sets the wheels of productivity in motion.




Diagnostic Tests

Trying to gauge where your students are up to?

Our Literacy and Numeracy diagnostic tests for years 3–12 are online and for Term 2 are reduced to only $2 a student per test.

Our testing provides a deep insight to your students current position with an analysis of essential literacy and numeracy skills.

Understand how well your students grasp core concepts and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.

Review specific items that students struggle with to identify knowledge and techniques.

Each student receives feedback about their performance, as well as suggestions for how to improve.


Senior Writing Program

Are you trying to build your students writing skills?

To support the shift in senior schooling, Mighty Minds have created an online Senior Writing Program. Our program is easily integrated into your student’s workday or as self-paced learning.

The Senior Writing Program includes:

  • Foundation, intermediate and advanced senior writing strategies broken down into 20 lessons per level.
  • A flexible selection of topics – these can be selected by the student, teacher, or the teacher can select topics that relate to their lessons and block them out from student selection (for use in the classroom as required) and leave a range for students to choose from.
  • Students/teachers can choose to do the program consecutively from start to finish or individually select lessons based on knowledge requirements.

Exciting Upcoming Resources


Critical and Creative Thinking Program – online and fabulous!

The introduction of Cognitive Skills has led Mighty Minds to re-examine thinking processes and skills that young people need – that was the basis for the creation of our new online Critical and Creative Thinking Program.

Creativity is about originality and innovation. Everyone has the ability to be creative but do they have the necessary skills? In order to reach their full potential, students should engage in higher levels of thinking. Over the course of the program students will have the opportunity to develop and practice their critical thinking skills in order to be engaged and effective learners.


Free Resources

Cognitive Skill Posters 

The 75 Cognitive Skills are the foundation of all assessment. Understanding the Cognitive Skills will be vital to student success. At Mighty Minds we have deconstructed each Cognitive Skill and produced an effective guide on how to teach each stage of the Cognitive Thinking levels in relation to that specific skill.

This week we are providing our wonderful teachers with three Cognitive Skill Posters – Analyse, Describe and Comprehend.


Word of the Day

This word of the day worksheet allows students or the whole class to investigate a word.


Social Superstars

Mighty Minds is happy to announce that we have created a Facebook group just for teachers! 

This group is a safe space for teachers to connect and communicate about important issues impacting schools, share resources and ask for advice. The group is open, so any teacher can create posts and ask questions of their fellow teachers. 

We will also be providing free resources each week to assist you in and out of the classroom! 


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