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Programs are our way of personalising students' learning and assisting teachers so that our resources can be used most effectively.
Our programs clearly explain which lessons, Compendium cards or workbook activities students should complete in what order.

This is determined by Mighty Minds based on testing data or which areas have been identified as areas of focus by teachers and heads of departments.
(Approximate two week turnaround time for programs.)


Mighty Minds offers free, personalised programs to accompany our workbooks. Teachers can request programs when they purchase a class set (30 or more copies) of the workbooks listed below.

Programs divide workbook content into the number of sessions your students have available for the year, prioritising the sections that are most relevant based on their testing data or Mighty Minds' recommendations based on general student data (if specific student data isn't available). Each session specifies the content being covered, the page number of the activities, and an estimated time breakdown for the lesson.


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Why use a program?

Our workbook programs empower teachers to use Mighty Minds workbooks in the most effective way possible for their students. By using a program, teachers can spend more time focusing on teaching and less time on lesson planning, while also knowing that students are focusing on the sections of the workbook that are most relevant to their needs.

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What's included in a program?

Each program clearly outlines which pages and activities of the workbook students should complete during each lesson.

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How much does a program cost?

Programs are completely free with the purchase of a class set (30 or more copies) of a workbook. If your cohort has fewer than 30 students, please get in touch with

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How do I request a program?

To request a program, scroll down to find the workbook that you have purchased for your students. Then, select 'Program Application' and complete the online form. This will provide us with the information that we need to create the program and we will send it to you via email. We will work hard to get the program to you as soon as possible, but please note that there is a two-week turnaround time for programs. In some cases, we will have to email you to clarify the information you have provided. Delayed replies to our emails may increase this turnaround time.

If you have any questions about programs, feel free to give us a call at (07) 5689 1086 or email

Pathways to Success 230
PTS6 Program

Employability and life skill development for Year 10 students.



Steps to the Future
STF Program

Focus on future plans and life after school for Year 10 students. 



ECL Cover
ECL Program

Supplement Year 7-8 learning through activities for CCEs, fundamental skills and problem solving.



Pathways to Success CV
PTS: CV Program

Designed to assist all senior students in developing their understanding of each of the 75 Cognitive Verbs.




Personalised Learning Programs

Students complete diagnostic testing online or offline.
We mark the tests and analyse the data.
We create a PLP for each student based on their data.
Students complete the lessons outlined in their PLP to target their weaknesses.

*Price includes data analysis, reports and rotation timetables. If resources are required they can be provided at an additional cost.

In Focus Programs

Programs InFocus

Pips, Cips and Hips

PIPs, CIPs and HIPs provide a clear plan for improvement by providing students, teachers and heads of departments with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand summary of what students are struggling with. This allows them to be targeted at all levels, making improvement possible.


Created for individuals, PIPs identify the 15 Fundamental Skills that the student should focus on when working with the Compendium.


Created for teachers, CIPs identify the 15 Fundamental Skills that the class struggles with the most. This allows teachers to address the areas more explicitly during the classroom lessons.


Created for Heads of Departments, HIPs list the 15 Fundamental Skills the cohort struggles with the most. This data can be used to purchase relevant Mighty Minds Fundamentals lessons for the cohort.

The Mighty Minds Difference

Dialogue is a core element of our business and honest, clear dialogue can only be achieved through building genuine, long-term relationships with schools and staff members. We don't consider consulting to be a one-off service - instead, it's the first step in a long-term partnership between us and our clients.

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