writing program

We have been busy creating an online Writing Program. This program can be integrated into your student's workday, homework schedule or additional resources to support your students’ learning.

The Writing Program will include:

  • Our six step writing program, which focuses on text types such as analytical essay, research investigative report and short response writing. 
  • Foundation, intermediate and advanced writing strategies.
  • A flexible selection of topics – these can be selected by the student, teacher, or the teacher can select topics that relate to their lessons and block them out from student selection (for use in the classroom as required) and leave a range for students to choose from. Students/teachers can choose to do the program consecutively from start to finish or individually select lessons based on knowledge requirements.
  • Teachers can decide if students will have access to activity model responses – perfect for guided peer marking. Otherwise, the teacher can mark the activities themselves or as a class – the program will be able to be presented to the class through our online system. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to test their knowledge with a checkpoint at the end of each lesson (multiple choice questions based on the lesson). 
  • Access to this system can be at school and/or at home.

In addition to our text specific activities & six step writing program we have included topics on the following and more;

  1. Cohesive ties
  2. Nominalisation
  3. Language devices
  4. Audience
  5. Grammar, punctuation and spelling
  6. Vocabulary
  7. Text structure
  8. Editing and proofreading techniques 

To begin with, each level – FoundationIntermediate and Advanced – will have 20 lessons. This will fit perfectly into your program. Schools will be given the option to add lessons on a specific topic in the future – as always we are more than happy to create more opportunities to support your students’ learning. As we add more topics your school will have the choice to include these to extend on your current program, swap with topics already in the program or leave the program as it currently is. Flexibility is key with our new Writing Program. 

There will be a separate interface for teachers so schools can modify the student interface based on their needs for the program. For example – if you would like your students to print, see activity responses, have all lesson available to them, etc.